Biology22 organization has started!

Organizing a conference during a pandemic.

It is weird to look back to February 2020, when Biology20 in Fribourg just took place before the world changed. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, most social events in 2020 and the following year were canceled or moved to online formats. In 2021 it was the turn of the Basel team to organize Biology21. But in an online format? Although all of us collected some experience with attending online conferences throughout the year, we just couldn’t imagine to meet everyone during Biology21 as small squares on a screen. The Biology meetings always had a great focus on social gatherings and a vivid exchange amongst students and researchers,  so we decided to pause for a year in the hope we could all meet in person again in 2022.

Now the time has started to organize Biology22 in Basel! The pandemic is still a daily topic and different rules and regulations make the organization of such an event tedious and complicated. But we’re getting there and we will meet in any case in 2022 – hopefully live in Basel – otherwise, online.