Biology22 will take place!

Biology22 will take place as a hybrid in-person/online meeting, requiring 2G (i.e. a double vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 in the last 270 days, masks are mandatory), with a cap of 200 in-person participants. The Darwin dinner will also take place. 

These are final requirements made by the University of Basel, who bears formal responsibility.

The cap of 200 participants, while 264 persons registered, has practical consequences for everyone who registered. You should have received an email with the following information and important links. Please notify us if you have registered but not received the email.

Important: We have now extended our cancellation deadline to February 3.

In-person and online participation

We regret that we have to prioritize in-person attendance.

1a. You received confirmation that you present a talk or poster

  • We expect you to participate in person.

1b. You do NOT present a talk or poster

  • –> Go to 2.

2a.  You registered for the Darwin-Dinner

  • You can choose to participate in person (conference plus dinner) and pay your established  fee on site. (This is what we as conference organizers encourage you to choose). Alternatively, you can attend online, without having to pay the fee. We assume online attendance unless you confirm your in-person participation including the Darwin-Dinner.

2b.  You registered for the Biology 2022 conference without talk/poster or attending the Darwin dinner

  • You can participate online only, by joining the relevant Zoom sessions. This online only attendance is free of charge.

Corona regulations for in-person attendance

The meeting is 2G (vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 in the last 270 days) for in-person attendance (conference plus dinner). This means, you can only enter the premises if you can show a valid certificate for vaccination or recovery from COVID and an ID card.  University requirements do not allow us to deviate from this rule. In Switzerland, EU certificates are generally accepted. Please consult this official website to see what certificates are valid.

Registration fee for in-person attendance

Registration fees are to be paid on site. We ask that you please bring the correct amount in cash, as the availability of card transactions will be limited. 

Overall, we are happy that we can offer a real in-person experience, even though we sincerely regret having to meet the cap of 200 persons. We strongly encourage anyone lucky enough to be able to attend in person to attend both days. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!