Biology22 is organized and will be held in accordance with actual COVID-19 regulations of the University of Basel and canton of Basel-Stadt. Please note that a COVID-19 certificate will be necessary to attend the conference in person. An obligatory mask requirement is currently in place at the University of Basel. In addition, consuming meals in hallways and lecture rooms is not allowed, therefore the lunch during the conference is included in registration price and will be held at the University mensa. In case the COVID-19 regulations in February 2022 do not allow for in-person meeting, the conference will take place online. Please follow the updates that you will be receiving per email after the registration and on this page.

Update, 28.01.2022: Biology22 will take place as a hybrid in-person/online meeting, requiring 2G (double or booster vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 in the last 270 days) for in-person attendance (conference plus dinner). This means, you can only enter the premises if you can show a valid certificate for vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 and an ID card.  University requirements do not allow us to deviate from this rule. In Switzerland, EU certificates are generally accepted. Please consult this website to see what certificates are valid: